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A-Z of videogames.  How many can you name?

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Puzzle of the Week: Kings

This week's puzzle does resolve to a single answer.  To get it, identify all the kings in the scene below and fill them into the boxes in alphabetical order starting from the upper left, omitting any leading "THE".  Click on the image for a larger version.


One of my goals for the revived blog is to post a new puzzle every week.  A year or so ago I made a Rhyme TIme puzzle themed around Star Wars, which I eventually posted on Facebook.  Since then I've done a few more sets of Rhyme Time puzzles on other themes, not really sure what I'd eventually use them for.  They may find their way here eventually.  With the release of The Dark Knight Rises, it seemed like a good time to share this one.

In this puzzle, each clue is answered by a rhyming two-word phrase.  There is no meta-puzzle or final answer extraction step-- you're just trying to answer each of the 20 clues.  As a solving aid, the list of answers is in alphabetical order.

  1. Throw a weapon at "Constant Craving" singer 
  2. Secret meeting at a secret headquarters
  3. Surround the police commissioner with troops
  4. Flabby jaw-piece on certain headwear
  5. Tavern brawl with the Caped Crusader (more than 2 words)
  6. Bring shame upon Harvey Dent (hyphenated)
  7. Spread a costume accessory over the back of a chair
  8. Truce negotiation with Joker's admirer
  9. Harley Quinn, perhaps, while caressing her fella
  10. Ward distracted by affairs of the heart
  11. Flag hanging at the Wayne residence
  12. Henchmen with bowlers and bows, perhaps
  13. Parts a sidekick might use to mend his costume
  14. Short, pointy-nosed but cheerfully optimistic villain
  15. Bruce's mother or father, for example
  16. Trim Catwoman's accessory
  17. Signature vehicle as depicted by Salvador Dali
  18. Teach a former inmate how to break Batman's back
  19. Groom icy villain's eyebrows
  20. Spin Barbara Gordon around and around
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