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Mars Rover Hub

While much of the world's attention is focused on London for the Olympics, for some of us the main event is happening quite a bit farther away.  The Mars Science Laboratory known as Curiosity will (if all goes well) land on Mars this coming Sunday at about 10:30 Pacific.  If you have an Xbox 360, a new Mars Rover hub went live yesterday that's kind of like your Olympics pre-game show.  The hub has a bunch of great, free content related to the Mars rover mission, including some really fantastic videos, a slideshow, trivia quiz, and of course the Mars Rover Landing gadget I helped create.  The hub is accessible from the main screen of the Xbox dashboard, or from the Kinect Central hub.  If anyone in your household is a space buff, is interested in science, or just likes informative and entertaining animation, go check it out!

Economic Downwhat?

It seems oddly appropriate today that Washington Mutual's home page is called default.asp.

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In a World

A moment of silence, please, for Don LaFontaine-- The Voice of Hollywood-- who died today.

Tasteless Yet Poetic Justice?

Legendary mime Marcel Marceau has died. Now he really will be trapped in a box.

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Avast, Ye Scurvy Dogs!

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is holding Seattle-area auditions this Friday in the Everett Mall from 9 AM to 4 PM. Obviously, I'm a big advocate of showing up and taking your shot-- it could be worth big bucks. Remember, passing the test is actually the least important part of the audition. If you pass, spend time on the questionaire they give you-- don't rush to be the first one done. You are, in effect, selling yourself to the producers not just as a potential contestant, but as a potential interview subject for Meredith. Use the questionaire to showcase what's interesting and different about you that would make for a fun conversation in the hot seat. And when you talk to the producers, be friendly, enthusiastic, and coherent. Put yourself in their place, imagine what kind of people you'd pick if you had their job, and let that guide you.

Oh, and get there early-- like 7 AM.

Audition details can be found on the Millionaire web site.

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You know Joel Siegel? Short guy, bushy mustache, reviews movies, likes the dopey pun? Yeah, that Joel Siegel. He's been reviewing movies for almost three decades, and apparently he's never walked out on a film. Until now. Not only did Siegel walk out of a critics' screening of Kevin Smith's new film Clerks II, but he did so vocally. Smith took Siegel to task on his blog for being non-professional, and went on a radio show to discuss it. The show called Siegel, and miracle of miracles he actually took the call to discussed the issue-- giving his publicist a new ulcer, I'm sure. Listen to the clip and marvel at a man in denial.

Story Power

If you've ever doubted the power of a good story, this will change your mind. A 26-year-old guy from Montreal wanted to get out of apartment life and start living in a house. But with no money and no job, his prospects were limited. All he had was one red paper clip. He decided that would be enough, and through a blog, Craig's List, and media exposure he never sought, he managed to make fourteen trades in one year and today finally parlayed that paper clip into a house in Kipling, Saskatchewan along with a key to the town. Along the way he hung out with Corbin Bernsen and rocked with Alice Cooper. And a big part of how he got good trades was that people wanted to be part of the story. Although, admittedly, the Corbin Bernsen connection was a stroke of amazingly good fortune.

And if you think that's good, you should check this out. A 21-year-old British college student managed to sell one million pixels of his home page, in blocks of 100, for a dollar a pixel. In less than a year. All because of the audacity of his idea and the power of the story.

Something for nothing-- it's the American Dream. And neither of them are even from America.

We All Scream

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is Free Cone Day at your local Ben & Jerry's. They may not offer Caramel Cone, but the price is right!

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