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I'm Baaaa-ack!

At first there was the chaos of a new baby.  Then the comment system broke, and in trying to fix it I managed to break just about everything.  So I wound up taking an unplanned extended sabbatical from blogging. This week I finally got around to fixing the problem by installing everything from scratch.  A few details are still being ironed out, and I'll probably still make a few cosmetic changes, but at least everything works again.  So for those of you who are still here after two years of silence, let's get this baby going again!

For starters, here's an update on the little guy I'm holding in my previous post.


That's the Doodle.  He's 22 months old now, and it's hard to imagine getting luckier in the baby lottery.  He sleeps well, he eats everything (Barbecue pork ribs?  Check.  Tom Kha Gai soup [two stars]?  Check.  Asks for more vegetables?  Check!), his memory and language development constantly astound me, and he's so cute it's a miracle I haven't gobbled him up.  I expect he'll feature more than occasionally in the blog from now on, because I'm an unabashedly proud papa.

Fatherhood has surprised me.  Not the fatigue or reduction of free time, I expected those.  I just didn't expect how much I'd change.  The Doodle makes me want to be a better person.  The best person I can be, really.  An example for him.  My priorities have shifted.  My perspective has changed.  It's like I stepped sideways into a world that's always existed right alongside me but which I was never able to see.

And everyone tells me it just gets better.

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