Remember when Heroes first came on the air, and everyone was abuzz with the show's realistic take on superpowers?  Before the writers had a collective aneurysm and everything went to hell?

Misfits is the show Heroes hadn't the balls to be.

The British show revolves around a group of young people serving out community service for various antisocial behaviors.  A freak storm gives them-- along with various other people in town-- strange powers, and the show revolves around their attempts to deal with the consequences.  What's great about it is that none of these people are saints.  There is no Peter Petrelli, Claire Bennett, Matt Parkman, or Hiro Nakamura.  There's no global conspiracy.  No "save the cheerleader, save the world."  The show isn't concerned about the societal ramifications of superpowers entering the world.  It's squarely focused on these five characters, every one of whom is flawed.  Some deeply so. 

Alisha is a fabulously attractive girl who knows she's hot and derives much of her sense of self-worth from the resulting sense of superiority-- until the storm distorts that attraction by making any man who touches her instantly devolve into a sex-crazed wannabe rapist hungering for her flesh while reviling her verbally.  Simon is withdrawn and repressed, avoiding eye contact and uncomfortable with all social interaction, but with an intensity burning beneath the surface that seems barely contained-- the kind of fellow you expect to have a psychotic break at any moment.

The standout character, however, is Nathan-- a selfish, outspoken, foul-mouthed smart aleck with no shame or sense of propriety.  He feels completely new and unique on television, a modern anti-hero you find yourself rooting for and against at the same time.  He's the kind of guy about whom you'd say, "He's a dick, but he's our dick."  Robert Sheehan is clearly the breakout star of the show.  He gets all the best lines and steals every scene he's in.

The first series of the show was solid, establishing the characters, their powers, and the rules of the road.  The second series, however, was simply fantastic-- terrific stories, great writing, and fabulous performances as the cast really found the nuance in their characters.  The development in Iwon Rheon's Simon was particularly great to watch, as the biggest misfit of them all found a place to grow.

I understand Nathan's gone for series 3, as in fact all the original cast is by the end of that season, so I'm a little nervous about continuing past this point.  The first two series have been deeply satisfying, with the kind of rough edges and non-mainstream point of view usually sanded away by Hollywood (yay, Britain!).  I'm hoping the wheels don't fly off the cart in season 3.

If you haven't discovered Misfits yet, however, you've got some great stuff ahead of you.


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