Fool Me Twice

When I was in college, if you went to the desktop of just about any student's Mac, you'd be almost guaranteed to find two games there: Dark Castle ("Whoa... whoa... whoa... bibblebibblebibble!") and The Fool's Errand.  If the latter wasn't the first collection of classic visual and word puzzles for a home computer, it was certainly the most ambitious and delightful.  Everyone was playing it.  I didn't have a Mac myself, so I only dabbled here and there.  But years later I played it through on the PC using a Mac emulator.

It's been 25 years since The Fool's Errand, and creator Cliff Johnson has been promising a sequel for much of that time.  He's announced, and then missed, ship date after ship date over the past few years.  It seemed like A Fool and His Money wasn't just the title of the sequel, but an accurate description of everyone who had preordered the game.  Now it seems like it's finally happening.  Johnson is promising the game for next Friday, October 26.  And despite all the missed dates and a throwback $40 price tag that feels extravagant in the modern age of $0.99 apps and $9.99 indie titles on Steam, I finally plunked down my money.

Let's hope this isn't another false alarm.

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