I watched the trailer for Bioshock Infinite and was not moved.  I realize that's not the approved narrative.  I'm supposed to fall over myself, spittle running down my chin as I high-five my gamer bros and scream about how awesome it looks.  And while I have little doubt that the world-building on display will be exquisite, evoking a time and place that never existed but certainly seems like it must have, the gameplay it's in service of looks like the same thing I've played twice now.  Or really far more times than that, if we set our sights beyond the franchise walls.  Perhaps most disturbing to me is that the human faces of Columbia share the same artificial wrongness as the citizens of Rapture.  In the five years since the first installment, the creators' artistic expression appears to have remained trapped in amber.  Perhaps zipline combat will be the shiznit.  Even though Columbia is a brand new place, right now I just feel like I've been there before.

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