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Chris Dickson sent me down some rabbit holes today.  I'll start by reproducing some links:

Clavis Cryptica: "A forgotten letter.  A secret code.  A treasure map.  An overgrown path.  A rusted lock.  A door, long unopened. If these are the kinds of things that make your heart race, then welcome to Clavis Cryptica;  a place for puzzle-lovers and mystery-solvers to find and share new adventures."

Ludocity: "A collection of pervasive games, street games and new sports - social forms of play that take place in public spaces, such as city streets, parks and public buildings."

I wound up at a thread discussing what is and isn't fun about live game (or if you prefer, Game) events.  To summarize:

  • Feeling like a hero
  • Pushing past what you thought were your limits
  • Seeing your actions affect the game world
  • Coming up with a creative solution and having it work
  • Making decisions
  • Being afraid (momentarily)
  • Winning
  • Getting respect from other players after doing something cool
  • Having a story to tell afterward
  • Seeing a familiar environment in a different light
  • Camaraderie and friendly rivalry with other players
  • Having a sense of how well you did compared to others
  • Outwitting another human (player or NPC)
Not fun:
  • Waiting
  • Listening to rules
  • Rule ambiguity
  • Feeling like you can't win
  • Winning or losing too easily
  • Not knowing what actions are permissible
  • Worrying about your safety
  • Being lost
  • Feeling like you're missing out
  • Technical failures
  • Repetition
Though written about live events, much of these lists applies equally to other game forms.  What would you add?

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