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| 1 Comment is fifteen years old.  That's ancient in Internet years.  To celebrate, they've mined their gargantuan database of recipes to find the fifteen most popular, as measured by number of page views.  Here's the list, as published by The Seattle Times, with the number of page views in parentheses:

There are a number of interesting observations to be made from this list.  Of the top 15 recipes, 4 are cookies, and 7-9 are sweet (depending on how you categorize pancakes and crepes).  Carrot cake is the only cake in the list, beating out chocolate cakes, cheesecakes, and other classics that you might expect to be more popular.  Given the presence of carrot cake, it's no surprise that cream cheese frosting follows right behind.

Crepes at #7?  Really?  That many people make crepes at home?  I find that very difficult to believe.

I'm betting the sugar cookies are so high because everyone goes looking for a recipe at Christmas.  Does anyone actually like sugar cookies?  Given the world of cookies to choose from, would those be your first choice to eat, or are they more of an arts and crafts project with the kids?  Chewy chocolate chip cookies, however, are relevant to my interests, so I may just try the #8 recipe.  #14, however, looks very similar to Alton Brown's Chewy, which is my goto champion in the genre (although I see that the recipe on Food Network's site has been changed to use weights instead of volumes). A taste test may be in order.

The recipe at #5 is pretty much this: put water, cream of mushroom soup, dry onion soup mix, and a pot roast into a slow cooker.  Really?  That's the best pot roast recipe we've got?  Correction, it's the most-viewed one, not necessarily the best-tasting.  But the reviews for this are positively euphoric.  I admit I'm a bit of a kitchen snob and the idea of using condensed soup instead of "real" ingredients disturbs me, but I'll admit you can't beat the convenience.  The chicken pot pie recipe at #9, on the other hand, looks pretty reasonable.  I may well give that one a try, substituting a homemade crust.

Overall, it's clear what the AllRecipes community values most: convenience.  So the #1 recipe is a bit of a surprise, since it requires a slow-cooked sauce and doesn't use no-bake noodles.  When the weather cools off (which, given this is Seattle, could be tomorrow) I'll definitely want to try this one out.

If anyone out there decides to give any of these recipes a spin, please report back with your results.

1 Comment

I make Good Old-Fashioned Pancakes almost every weekend. They are Good! It's the one recipe where I follow the directions exactly.

I've had the supposedly Awesome Pot Roast twice, once made by me and once by a third party. I didn't like it either time.

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