Le Havre for iOS On Sale

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The iOS version of Le Havre is currently on sale for 99 cents, down from $4.99.  I pulled the trigger and it's well worth the buck.  It's a very good implementation, aside from it being a little hard to tell what the AI opponents do on their turns (a turn log is two taps away, which is one tap too many).  I beat the hardest AIs on my first play, so I can't vouch for the AI quality, but it does also support pass-and-play and async online play.  I think Ora & Labora has obsoleted Le Havre at my game table, but Ora isn't on the tablet yet so it's great to have Le Havre there.

The developer's other iOS games are also on sale for 99 cents each, and I grabbed the whole lot: Medici, Ra, Tigris & Euphrates, and Tikal.  Get 'em while they're cheap!

1 Comment

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