Absolutely Amazing Big Brother Move

Even if you're not a fan of Big Brother, stay with me.

This week, a player pulled off the most amazing move in Big Brother history, if not all of competitive reality television.  Even if you don't watch the show, you have to respect brilliant gamesmanship.

Dan, a member of a 5-player alliance called the Quack Pack, was nominated by Head of Household Frank for eviction and was the clear target who would get voted out.  Each week, players compete for the power of veto, allowing them to save one of the 2 players nominated for eviction and force the Head of Household to replace them with someone else.  This was Dan's last chance to save himself, and he lost it to Jenn, an ally of Frank.  As you might expect, he was frustrated and angry, but thanks to a penalty incurred during the competition he went directly into 24 hours of solitary confinement.  He used that time to hatch a desperate Hail Mary plan to save himself.

Calling a house meeting for his own "funeral", he proceeded to issue fond, complimentary farewells to all the remaining players but one.  Danielle, the last player, was Dan's strongest ally in the house.  Dan had literally been her coach in the early part of the game.  And out of nowhere, Dan ripped into her and proclaimed her dead to him, sending her into tears.

Next he met privately with Frank and burned his remaining bridges, exposing the Quack Pack and another player's betrayal of Frank's trust.  Then, having publicly left himself out in the cold, Dan steered Frank into joining forces with him and getting Jenn to use the veto to save him.

Frank, who had been gunning for Dan for pretty much the entire game, had nominated him this week, and who had fully intended to get him evicted, instead saved him.

It was epic, ballsy, and brilliant.  Most people would have curled up and gone home, but Dan not only saw a possible way out, he had the will to go after it.    He knew that Frank was hungry for allies and would take him in, and use the opportunity to get rid of a different strong player.

This wasn't just a big move-- it was a player turning on a dime and devising a completely new gameplan, and going all in.  Mad props to Dan for pulling it off.  Now we see if it gets him to the end.


I think he managed to buy another week or more in the game at the cost of $450,000. Every person that he turncoated is a vote that he won't get in the final tally. There's no question it was a brilliant move and that he executed it well, but I don't think he has a chance to win anymore.

I can see why you'd say that, and it's certainly possible. But there's still time before the final vote, and lots of crazy things can happen between now and then.

Who did he really betray? Britney, Ian, and Shane. Let's take those one by one.

Britney is an emotional person, but she also respects the game. She hates Dan right now, but also acknowledges that he made a big, unexpected move to save himself. Depending on who else makes it to the end, Dan could certainly get Britney's vote.

I'm not sure Ian even realizes that Dan betrayed him-- his anger is completely focused on Frank. Ian's hands aren't clean either, after engineering Boogie's exit and acting as a mole for the Quack Pack. He's naive, but also a superfan. In the final vote, I think he'll decide with his head rather than his heart and give his vote to whoever he sees as the best player.

The leaves Shane. Poor, poor Shane. Britney summed it up perfectly: Shane is expendable, but he doesn't see it. As far as the game goes, Shane's been dumb as a post. If Dan doesn't act directly against him, Shane might still vote for him as long as he's the other option isn't Danielle.

I don't watch the live feeds so I don't know who won HoH yet, but both Dan and Danielle were still in it when the live show ended. If Danielle hangs in there-- and she's been great at endurance challenges in the past-- Dan has the best of all possible worlds. She'll send Ian or Joe home, and the heat around Dan will start to fade.

Things could absolutely go wrong for Dan, especially if he gives Frank and Jenn any reason to doubt his loyalty. But things could also go right. I don't see his demise as a foregone conclusion at all.

At the moment, I'll be happy if any of Dan, Frank, or Ian win.

This has really been a great season, certainly in the conversation for my favorite ever.

Going into this season, I had already pegged Dan as one of the two best players ever (with Will Kirby), but now I think I'd have to give the nod to Dan. And I still think he can pull it off, too. I agree that he'll ultimately get Britney's vote and Ian's vote, as I believe both of them respect the game. Plus there is plenty of time for him to position himself to get those votes, too, and I don't think we can expect any less from him than to put himself in the best position to win.

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