Right about now is when you'd usually come to Static Zombie and find a witty, insightful post about the new season of Survivor.  Something about the new twist this season and Mark Burnett's ongoing deal with the Devil.

Sorry to disappoint.

The new season's begun, but I haven't had a chance to watch it yet.  Worse, I'm not really sure when I'll get there.  That's because I'm engaged in an entirely different season of Survivor.  No immunities, but plenty of challenges.  Meals are made up of whatever can be scrounged up.  Sleep is difficult, interrupted by the hungry wailing of local fauna.  It's Survivor: Parenthood.  And here's the most adorable immunity idol you'll ever see:

baby2.pngThis season will run much longer than 39 days, but it's already the best season ever. 



Eeeee! Many congratulations! Good health and great happiness to all of you.

Congratulations, Peter! Savor these joyous days.

And note that some of my best TV watching was done at 3 in the morning with my baby daughter on my stomach after finally lulling her to sleep.

Congratulations all around!

He's a beaut!

Congratulations, Peter!

Mazel Tov!

He's sooooo cute!!! Congratulations!

And what a fabulous Dad you are. We enjoy Skyping and seeing how easily you have mastered the job.

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