"We made Survivor history tonight."

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In all fairness, it's a reasonable conclusion to draw.  How else to explain a tribe voting out their strongest members while leaving the weakest?  A women's alliance perfectly explains what the Heroes have been seeing.

That doesn't change the fact that this is, by far, the worst decision ever made by a tribe.  What's really amazing is that, at least as far as we saw, there was little to no discussion of how bad this could turn out for them.  If they played it safe and kept their idol, then after winning the immunity challenge they'd go into the merge even with the Villains.  If they're wrong in their assessment of the other tribe, they're digging their own grave.

Once Colby spilled the beans to Russell on the platform, there was no way in hell Russell was going to finish that race quickly.  He was much better off losing, thereby getting the idol AND voting off a potential flipper on his tribe.

I don't understand why the Villains voted out Courtney instead of Sandra.  Did they not watch Sandra's season?  Her strategy is to sell her vote to whoever isn't voting for her.  And they already believe she likes to plant ideas in people's heads.  Courtney, meanwhile, has been completely ineffective at EVERYTHING in BOTH her seasons.  She's no threat at all, and much easier to control.

Sandra, of course, has to flip.  She's lowest in her tribe's pecking order, so she has to shake things up.  The question is whether or not Rupert and the other Heroes will believe her when she tells them that Russell's running the show.  Because Russell will be swearing up, down, and sideways that he's on their side.  And even if they do believe her, they can't tip their hand that they've changed their minds, or Russell will play the idol.

This episode is going to be PAINFUL for J.T. and the other Heroes come reunion night.

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Yeah, it's weird. Sure, there's a LOT of footage we don't see and all, but I find it hard to believe that the Villains aren't seeing the same Sandra we're seeing. But maybe she's that good. She did win her season, after all.

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