Stupid and Brilliant


Credit to Sandra for understanding what makes Russell tick and capitalizing on it, playing him like a fiddle.  If there's no merge, voting out Coach is ridiculous.  They'll absolutely get creamed again in the challenges with him gone.  But if the merge happens, it's genius.  Russell's right-- tipped off at the reward challenge that the Heroes think there's a women's alliance on the Villains tribe, voting out Coach will only make the Heroes more sure that Russell will be desperate and receptive.

But I don't even want to talk about that.  The biggest moment of the entire show happened after the credits.  The preview hints that JT intends to offer Russell the immunity idol to get him to flip, which (if it actually happens) will surely go down as the most boneheaded move in <I>Survivor</I> history.  Completely understandable tactic from his point of view, mind you-- they haven't seen Russell's season and don't know anything about his play style.  Wooing him to your side by offering him the idol is a reasonable ploy.  In this case, it's also an unmitigated disaster.

Can't wait for next week!


Yeah, yeah, producers playing up possible boneheaded move. What I don't understand is how the vote went. In the show, Russell fights with Danielle about voting out Coach or Courtney. He wants to vote Coach, she Courtney. Later, he capitulates, comes back, and agrees to vote out Courtney.

But when we saw the votes, Parvati and Danielle (and Sandra and Courtney) voted for Coach. ?! And Russell voted for Courtney?

Please explain?

Maybe they decided a girls' alliance might not be a bad idea?

Also, why haven't they seen Russell's season? Was it filmed that long ago?

this season finished filming before samoa aired.

peter, how about courtney taking on jeff at tribal?

Courtney taking on Jeff was a non-event to me. Courtney comes off as a brat with a sense of entitlement. The way she spoke to Jeff reaffirmed that. She only spoke up at all because Jeff goaded her into, you know, participating in the freaking show.

More interesting was the fact that Russell SIGNED his vote. The only reason I can see for that is that he wanted Coach, as the first member of the jury, to know that Russell hadn't turned on him. It'll be interesting to see if that bites him at all, if the rest of his alliance didn't know Russell was voting for Courtney...

i agree courtney is a brat. i just don't remember jeff just taking an attack before.

i wonder if they are close enough to see what's written on the paper.

If none of you have ever seen the Ponderosa before, this might be a good season to start:

It's only online, but each season they put together a 15-20 minute weekly "show" revolving around the jury, who are kept at the "Ponderosa." What's great about it is that the "game" is essentially over for these people, so you kinda get to see them be their "real" selves, FINALLY getting to bitch about the other players without worrying about the social game.

Also, though unlikley this season, in the past, this place has been Hook-Up Central.

Here's the official description:

"After Survivor jury members who are voted out, they are whisked away to a camp called Ponderosa. CBS has allowed fans to see what happens behind the scenes as jury members enter the camp and readjust to life in the real world. Jury members will stay at Ponderosa until the last episode and will be flown via helicopter back to every tribal council to get a glimpse at what is happening with the contestants still in play. While at Ponderosa, voted out contestants enjoy movies, all the food they can eat, special excursions, bedding, showers and many other luxuries not permitted during the game of Survivor. Additionally, the contestants get a chance to strategize about who they will vote for as the winner of the show. Many times, the conversations that happen at camp changes the outcome of the show."

One of the best was Tocantins:

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