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Best. Player. Ever.

I don't think any moment in Survivor history has elicited such delight in me as seeing Russell find a second hidden immunity idol with absolutely no clues. The man has the producers' number. He's watched the show, he knows how it works, and he's using that knowledge for all it's worth. Amazon's Rob Cesternino may have known the history of the game, but Russell knows how the producers think. Can he make it three? Tee hee! If they have any shred of intelligence, of course, all players will be scouring every inch of camp looking for the idol the moment they wake up-- and from the look of the previews, that's what they're going to do...

It would have been delicious had Laura not won immunity and they could have blindsided her tonight. With Laura immune, I think Foa Foa should have voted out Dave Ball, who's the guy on the other tribe who bleeds Galu. That may not have been obvious to them, though.

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