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Attention, Heroes writers. You used Adam's blood to restore Nathan to perfect health after he got nuked at the end of season 1. You used Claire's blood to bring Noah back from the dead after he was shot in the eye and killed in season 2. And somehow nobody in the Petrelli/Bennet clan thinks to use Claire's blood to resurrect Nathan?

This is the difference between you and gifted practitioners of the writing craft. A Joss Whedon or a J. Michael Straczynski, after establishing the power of Claire's blood earlier in the series, would bring that thread back at such a critical moment. If that plot point became inconvenient, prior to the finale they'd illustrate why Claire's blood would not be a viable solution so that when the fateful event happened, the outcome would feel logical and tragic. What a good writer would not do is pretend that Claire's blood of Lazarus does not exist, while balancing on one foot and waving his hands madly through the air in the hope that the audience wouldn't notice.

I complain because I love. The show had such promise, once. It had wonder, and fun, and mystery. It had characters with motivations that made sense. It had the audacity to put a character named Hiro on the hero's journey. Then it developed an ability. The ability to defy logic, defy credulity, defy established characterization. The ability to go completely off the rails.

I should break the cycle of disappointment and leave the show, but I'm still in love with what it used to be. And deep inside, it has the potential to become that thing again. So I beg you. Find your characters again. Rediscover who these people were, and why viewers tuned in to watch them.

Otherwise, I might finally develop the ability to change the channel.

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