And That's... a Slab Thing


If you've wandered the food isles at Costco lately, you may have noticed that Martha Stewart's foot soldiers have made landfall and established a beachhead. A new line of food products featuring the domestic diva is scattered throughout the store. If the two that I sampled are any indication-- and I say this begrudgingly-- they are well worth your attention.

The pork meatballs are redolent with lemongrass, ginger, and cilantro. Don't let the habanero scare you away-- c'mon, this is Martha "Mainstream" Stewart-- its kick is restrained and appropriate. These are meatballs that stand alone as appetizers-- no sauce required. You'll just keep popping them into your mouth until they're gone.

I like a good pot pie. The problem is that good pot pies are extremely difficult to find in the freezer aisle. Forget the normal supermarket-- Swanson, Marie Callender, Claim Jumper-- all horrid. For years my go-to pie has been the Trader Joe's turkey pot pie, but that item appears to have been discontinued. Their chicken pot pie isn't nearly as good, with the chicken looking like it came from a can. So when I recommend Martha Stewart's Chicken Slab Pie, it's with some measure of authority on the subject. The product feels expensive at $10 for two 16 oz, pies, but it's worth every penny. The flavors are complex and rich, with bright herbal notes foreign to other pot pies. The crust is flaky and spot-on, the chicken moist and tender. If you were served this slab pie at a cozy bistro, you might never suspect it was a frozen entree. I throw some sweet potato fries (also from Costco, but not Martha) on the baking sheet for some extra starchy goodness, but few people's appetites are as robust as mine.

Among the other items in Martha's Costco line are an apple-raspberry slab pie I intend to try, having read good things about it on the interwebs. The next time you're in the warehouse giant, help an ex-con out in these trying economic times and toss a few of her offerings into your cart. Yeah, it's Martha Stewart. But at least it's not Rachel Ray.


"The pork meatballs are redolent with lemongrass, ginger, and cilantro."

Holy crap - it's a triumverate of perfectly good pork meatball ruining ingredients. I think I'd prefer shards of glass to what you just described.

Warning! I was in Costco and I had to look at these slabs because Dee Dee loves pot pies. I flipped the box over to check out what was in them and "98%" caught my eye. Do you realize that one serving - ONE HALF of one slab - has 98% of the fat a human should have in one day?!! HALF, Eddie! Talk about heart attack on a plate. Do Chris a favor and don't eat any more of those.

I agree about the other frozen pot pies, but Stouffer's pot pies are good. But I stopped eating them for the reason Janet mentions, one pie has 66g of fat and 26g of saturated fat, both more than you should eat in an entire day.

I just had them for dinner tonight.. Martha Stewart can cook me dinner anytime they were great

Just finished eating my Chicken Slab Pie. Half of one with a salad makes a complete dinner for me and my husband. But the best part, at our Costco they're 4.99!

I was actually meaning to tell you what Gruffydd did above...the North Seattle Costco has 'em for $4.99 for a box of two, as well. Tried one last week (on your recommendation), was sufficiently impressed that I went back today and got a couple more boxes for the freezer. They'd be spendy at the original price, but honestly two-fitty per for what you get feels more than fair.

Nate: Ginger? You don't like ginger either? Man, why do I party with you again? :)

You are so right the slap pie is excellent, but as usual, You like it a Costco, but they don't have it now. They have delated it. Not sure where to get it now. Heck I would order a case.

As of today, in the SanFernando Valley, Pavillions, Ralphs, Gelsons, Whole foods & Trader Joes do not carry. So I'm @ a loss as to where to buy now that Costco has discontinued. Too bad. HZ

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