"You Saw Wall*E?"


I have two nieces. One is 11, the other just turned 13. This weekend I had occasion to mention to each of them, individually, that my wife and I had seen and enjoyed Wall*E. Their reactions were nearly identical: shock and horror. "You saw Wall*E? It's a kids' movie!"

No. No, it isn't.

I patiently explained that Pixar films are brilliant movies for everyone, not just kids. Just because a movie is animated doesn't mean it's for children. Wall*E, we elaborated, was even romantic.

"Wall*E and Eve. Romantic?" My niece-- 11 going on 40-- angled her head down and her eyes up, in the universal body language for "You've got to be kidding," her voice dripping with scorn.

I hold out hope that someday they'll get it, and wonder how they let so many fantastic movies pass them by.


Hey!!! Peter... why did you mention me in your blog about Wall*E??? Just kidding... after what you said about the movie i might just might watch it.

don't put me in your blog pete, im too precious!!!

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