Real Simple... NOT


Impassioned rant from my wife this evening:

"Real Simple magazine is not real simple! They say, 'When you go apple-picking with your family, take a blanket with you and pack a picnic with cucumber and goat cheese sandwiches, and make three dipping sauces to take along for your apples.' That's not simple! Simple is 'Get in your car and go.'"

Wife: 1, Real Simple: 0.


I remember now why I canceled my subscription :)

Hear, hear!! I think its simple if you have a staff to do those pesky things like - clean your house, make your food, run your errands. I think of those magazines (Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, a few others) as lifestyle porn for women. Its this idealized vision of how we'd like our life to be - but real life involves more sweat and work and it doesn't stay perfect for very long. But for a moment, when you are looking at the seductive pictures, you can imagine yourself living that life.

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