Caving to Peer Pressure


Alright already. I'm tired of you social network drones widening your eyes in shock and telling me I have to get on Facebook. It is the will of Landru. I have been assimilated into the collective and am now "on Facebook."

The heavens have yet to part and reveal to me, in a shining beam of light or talking animal figurine, why this is a Good Thing. The comments are open-- teach me to love Facebook.


Hee hee... Glad we could convice you. :D

I'm on it. No, I don't get it, but I'm on it.

It's certainly less garish and obnoxious than a MySpace, for sure. But more seriously, I've been able to track down lots of old friends and classmates through my facebook profile than I would have through just e-mail or google. So if you're interested in that, the facebook is worthwhile for that reason alone.

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