I Thee Wed


Today, I get married. The F becomes The W.

I'm exhausted from all the activity leading up to today, but I'm not at all nervous. It all comes down to a very simple question: is my life better with her than it was without her? The answer is obvious, and so there's nothing to be nervous about.

Except the first dance. After that, it's all downhill.

For the past few months we've been swamped-- planning for the wedding, buying and moving into a new house, unpacking, refurbishing the old house to get it ready to sell, and selling the old house. Now all of that is done, and after today we can move on to furnishing, decorating, and building a family.

Static Zombie has been a casualty of all this upheaval. I trust that those of you who are still here understand. When we return from our Hawaiian honeymoon (Kauai and Oahu), I hope to get back to a more frequent posting schedule.

Until then... aloha.


*grins happily*

A brilliant day, a happy honeymoon and an ecstatic ever-after to you and your families!

Mazel tov, aloha, and see ya on the other side!

Your name will come up, I'm sure, at the NPL con. We'll raise a toast to you both!

Congratulations, my friend.

For those of you not able to see it for yourselves, let me just reassure you that the first dance went very well -- though there was no mistaking Peter's nervousness on that score. =)

To say that the wedding was beautiful sounds trite, but it really was. The setting was fantastic and mostly not cloudy, the food delicious and the dancing lively, but more than anything, the service and toasts were spectacular. The pre-vow list of "Ten Reasons I'm Marrying You" that Chris and Peter each came up with separately was sweet and touching and -- damn it -- made me cry. And I'm pretty sure that Michael's best-man toast was the best best-man toast I've ever heard. Throw in Peter's grandfather blessing the bread via cell phone from Florida (and the banter with Peter's dad that resulted) and the obvious, but still hilarious, response that the minister gave to Peter's "I do" ("Is that your final answer?"), and I'd have to say the whole thing was a rousing success.

Mazel tov!

Hey, Peter! We had a great time. Congratulations!

By the way, I finally thought of a word of wisdom for "him" said in language I think you'll understand. Here it is:

Let her be blue sometime.

What a fabulous day! And what a joy to be part of it.

We've got to figure out a way to get that noodle show on the zombie.

Have a wonderful trip.


Congratulations! Best wishes for a long & happy life together.


Holy smokes, congratulations!


Wow! What a day... congratulations to you both! It seemed to me that you couldn't have asked for a better day - to this guest, and her family, everything seemed perfect... right down to the swedish fish! It was truly amazing on so many levels.

I will have to second the vote for most amazing best man speech I've ever heard... and yes Michael, please find a way to add the noodles to the Zombie. I have a photo of you taking photos if you'd like it :)


Nice write-up by Dug (one of the many who performed valiantly during the Hora) and an even better day (even for those of us who had to get there early). A pleasure to see the wonderful life you and Chris have made for yourselves and to see old friends. Thanks for letting us be a part of it.

David, Nicole, and Benjamin

As the F.O.G. (Father of the Groom), I had little function at this incredible party lasting four days. That allowed me to enjoy it from top to bottom. The ceremony was the most beautiful I have ever witnessed and I had a front row seat. The traveler's barbecue at the new house was great fun as were the fireworks from Microsoft. The rehearsal and rehearsal lunch for the wedding party was joyous. To party was superb. It was mostly about the guest list, I think. All the planning lead to a fabulous outcome-but the place was full of people who genuinely liked each other and like having a good time. Mazel Tov. Also the first group of picture the FOG took at this blast are now up on Picasa.com. I think you find them by looking for Howard Sarrett's web albums. They are downloadable and still have editing left to do. There are four albums so far:, The Rehearsal, the Fireworks, Before the wedding on wedding day and Ellen Kulka's pictures during the party.

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