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Photo list of 50 businesses with punny names. Remember, groaning is good for you.

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The Da Vinci Apartment

Multiple people sent me a link to this story in The New York Times about an architect who, unbeknownst to his clients, incorporated an elaborate puzzle hunt into the very fabric of the apartment he remodelled for them. In the course of solving the hunt, the family had to crack codes, unmount decorative door knockers which became a crank used to open secret compartments, utilize a rod from the bed and a leather strap from another room decoration in a scytale cipher... the list goes on. Read the story, and be sure to go through the slide show to see some of the amazing custom-built components.

Coolest. Thing. Ever.

I despair of ever being so fortunate as to have someone create something so elaborate, delightful, intricate and unexpected for me-- embedded in the very home itself!-- but I am now absolutely inspired to do this for my future children. The idea of remodeling a room specifically to create a hidden adventure-- revealing everyday items they've been surrounded by for months-- years?-- to actually be quite extraordinary-- is positively enchanting.

The fact that stuff like this-- and people who create it-- exist in our world makes me happy.

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