Bet They'll Still Show Ads Before the Film


An Australian company believes that affluent couples in Redmond are so tired of being forced to sit among the hoi polloi that they'll be willing to shell out $35 a ticket at the new Village Roadshow Gold Class Theater opening in Redmond Town Center. Each of the complex's eight theaters has only forty seats, arranged in pairs and equipped with call buttons for service from the theater's gourmet restaurant and bar. Valet parking is, of course, included.

The division of the world into coach / first class continues.


The closure of the regular movie theater and (future) replacement with a high-scale theater that serves its own food can't be good for all the existing restaurants in Redmond Town Center.

$9.75 a ticket is already an outrageous sum for two hours of passive entertainment. I can't imagine spending $35!

People who can afford to pay this much for a movie probably have good home theatres. And it's not as if you're going to get the thrill of seeing something with a large audience here, either. This is just odd.

Yeah... I'm thinking this won't work. I mean... The theater that was there didn't work and they decide to UP the price.

I've never been to a Gold Class cinema, but they have been running successfully in Australia for years in high affluence locations, such as Melbourne's Crown Casino. If the Seattle Times poll is even remotely representative of reality ("I'd try it - the service might be worth it. 24% (807 votes)"), Redmond could do very well.

As a Village Roadshow shareholder, I'll be interested to see how this new expansion goes.

What does work very well is the Alamo Drafthouse model, where it's a standard movie theater with seat-based restaurant and bar service. It's a pity this area doesn't have anything like that (the Big Picture being closest to the concept, with a lobby bar).


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