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Rock and Roll Doctors

Ways Foreigner Misrepresented Having a Fever of 103

  • With all the can't-stop-feels-like-my-chest-muscles-are-going-to-burst coughing, no rendezvous could possibly be secret. And come on, with all that hacking, who'd have you?
  • "Check it and see" may involve anal [thermometer] probing.
  • The only sign you're going to get are a pair of crossed fingers warding you away as if you were a disease-spreading vampire.
  • Ain't nobody saving their love for you tonight. You're lucky if someone's saving your side of the bed for you.
  • No mention of chills, insomnia, lack of appetite, queasiness, or the inability to enjoy spending an entire day on the couch playing with the 360.

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    Found: I Can't Read!

    Thanks to Amos, who posted a link to the classic Beggin' Strips commercial on You Tube in the comments to my original post on the subject.

    Only one thing smells like bacon, and that's BACON!

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