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Does anyone ever buy Toblerone outside of airport duty free shops?


I used to buy them at the roadside DF shop at the Blaine border crossing :-)

Yes, I love Toblerone. I currently buy them at Trader Joes and Walmart (the big 400 gram bars). When I was a kid, used to have my father bring me back ones when he travelled to Europe and they were harder to find/far more expensive here.

I get them a a specialty European food shop here in Lawrence, though I can also get them at the local big chain grocery store, and the local natural foods co-op. If you can get them at Walmart, and I have seen them at Target, then the question is, where can't you get them?

Now, the white chocolate Toblerone is a different question. I never see those.

Not so very long ago, Toblerone launched Fruit and Nut Toblerone in the UK, which was really just Toblerone with extra raisins. If you liked Toblerone and raisins separately, the combination did not disappoint. I bought this at our perfectly ordinary local supermarket and would do again, but only when half-price.


I'm not sure I've ever bought any inside an airport. I usually grab some for the wife when at Trader Joe's. They're kind of a reminder of our honeymoon in Greece.

My wife loves them. I think they're a bit glunky.

Ah, yes. High school in NYC, buying a white Toblerone at the corner pharmacy on my way to school each morning. No idea how I survived without a heart attack.

Skiing. I've seen many people and have purchased them skiing.

I've bought them in supermarkets. Here, they are more expensive in airports.

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