Tonight, for the first time, I unlocked all the achievements in a 360 game. OK, so it's a Live Arcade game, meaning there are only 12 achievements worth 200 points, but I've been playing far more Arcade titles than CD-based games. The game in question is Pac-Man Championship Edition, a dynamite variant on dot-eating classic created especially for the 360. The twists in this game are a) only parts of each maze have dots, often very small parts, and b) when you've eaten all the dots on either the left or right half of the screen, a fruit appears which, when eaten, restocks that half of the maze with more dots in a new configuration, often rearranging the maze as well, and c) the game is timed, so you're trying to bag as many points as possible in 5 or 10 minutes. Some dot sets have no power dots, so you've got to manage them smartly or evade the ghosts deftly. And if you keep chomping on power dots before the previous one expires, ghosts can ratchet up to a max of 3200 points each-- encouraging marathon chains of power dots and ghost munching. This is a very addictive game, far more compelling to me than any of the authentic arcade versions-- well worth the download.


Ha! Pac-man CE is a great game. And it's actually the only 360 game I've earned all the achievements for as well. (inspiring a similar blog post, even, on my own nascent blog)

You're well on your way to becoming an achievment whore. Congrats. :)

ah, this explains the infrequent posting of late.

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