What's in a Name?


I have to choose a gamertag, and I'm coming up empty. I've already rejected "Static Zombie" as being too long and unwieldly-- I'd rather have something a little pithier. Suggestions welcomed. Save me from being Peter2488.


Big Peter. I bet you'll make lots of new friends.

I think it'll get him banned. :)

Michael Adcock was going through the same thing recently. He wanted to use the first- initial-last-name thing. It was rejected. :)

If StaticZombie is available, I would definitely go with that. People shorten your name no matter what you pick, so unless you'd hate being called Static or Zombie (or probably just Stat) I think it'd be a good gamertag.

I was on the Xbox Live beta back in the day, so I got first pick of names. I went with.... wait for it... Jake!

It's not an election, but I vote for "Statzor". When you have reduced your enemies to statistics, you can say that you "Statzorred" them. Thus, you will be 'l33t. 12-year-olds across the country will ph33r your skillz.

I agree with Jake, StaticZombie is a good gamertag. When I first got my 360 and couldn't recover my old gamertag I just plugged in what I was spending most of my free time with...I wound with 'DieMacher' as my tag. Did you get one of the newer 360's? I got mine less than a year ago and I just got the dreaded RRoD tonight :-( Better now than next month though.

Actually, wouldn't you rather it be next month? Eventually they're gonna start replacing them with the newer Premiums that have HDMI ports and better heatsinks now.

They expanded the warranty to three years because of so many RRoD issues, so you have lots of time to go through another one... :)

Get an Elite.

Use StaticZombie.

Add me. :)

Get StaticZombie, then if you don't like it, change it. 800 points and you're good to go. And add me too! (SloRyder)

I had an idea but Larry's Statzor is much better!

I was going to suggest Sarrettzen which would be pronounced "saracen".

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