P&A Magazine Issue 9


Nobody seems to talk about P&A Magazine anywhere, so... consider this the official thread for issue #9, which was released last weekend. Please be sure to preface any spoilers with a warning.

The gf and I are starting to work our way through it, and while we've solved puzzles 2-5, 7, and 8, we're currently stuck on 1 and 6. We've got the center hive filled in for #1, but haven't extracted anything from it. We have all the answers for #6 and have done the next obvious thing, but can't figure out where to go from there. We haven't yet started on the others.

We've stared at our data for #6 for quite a while and have no inspiration-- anyone have a nudge to give?


Hi, Peter. I've been reading your blog for a while, and I'm happy to be able to help you out with your P&A problem. (Spoilers for #6 follow!)

You've probably noticed that all the strips of paper are jagged on both ends. Try putting the lists together. Also notice that there are no smooth ends on any of the strips.

Have fun!

Scott: I've already put them together-- that was the "next obvious thing" I mentioned. The lack of smooth edges has bothered me, though, and I don't see a way to loop the top into the bottom. I could posit CAROM as an answer, since it would link STROM to CARET. But that's an unclued leap and doesn't feel right-- all the other sections were 4 words long, for instance, so why add just one word now?

I'm sure I'm missing something obvious.

Actually, CAROM is the answer that I came up with as well so if you're missing something, then so am I. But it doesn't feel that wrong to me . . . once you've put the strips in order, it's the only word that will complete the circle. And the word jives well with the title of "The Bouncer".

SPOILER for #1 below.

If you've filled in the center hive, a cryptic clue can be found in it by tracing a path through all the cells.

Last spoiler for #6:

Yes, CAROM is the intended answer.

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