Sorry, Charlie


Well, things certainly happened tonight! Not a lot of questions got answered, of course, but the pieces sure moved around a lot.

I thought everything in the Looking Glass station was terrific. It hit all the right notes, with Charlie moving from confidence to hope to determined acceptance. I loved that as the water closed in around him, he had the presence of mind to communicate a key bit of information to Desmond. It was a good, noble death, and I thought the writers did a fine job here.

Hurley's cavalry charge was telegraphed, but I didn't expect the bus-- a great touch. Likewise for Sayid's thighs of death. Walt's reappearance certainly raises questions-- was it Walt, or was it the island? And if it was the island, does that mean Walt is dead (since all the other apparitions we've seen have been of dead people)?

Transforming the flashback to a flashforward was an unexpected twist, but that was a loooooooooooong way to go for that conversation with Kate and the revelation that the phone call was a mistake after all. So was Sawyer the man Kate was in a hurry to get back to, or was Sawyer in the casket?

I wonder, will they continue to flashforward next season, pulling a Galactica and jumping everything forward? Will the Oceanic survivors team up with Ben and the Others to fight the freighter occupants? If Penny's not associated with the freighter, who the heck is on that boat? What's the deal with Jacob anyway? And the real question: why the hell didn't the Others just talk to the Oceanic group in the first place and tell them what's what, instead of all this cloak and dagger nonsense? Well, the answer to the last question is "Then there would be no show." But I hope there's a reason for the characters to act stupidly beyond the requirements of the plot.

While Lost could definitely learn some lessons from Heroes in the moving-the-story-along-and-give-us-answers department, Heroes could learn a thing or two about finales from the Lost crew.


Future Jack said: "Call my father down here, if I'm drunker then he is, you can fire me..."

Intoxicated Jack? Or something else?

We've seen manifestations of Walt before, when he was definitely not dead. It's either the smoke monster, some other island power, or Walt himself has some ability to "be where he's not expected". Or Locke was just delirious.

The guy in the casket was J____ ___ntham. The popular theory is it's someone named Jeremy Bentham, to go along with the philosophers' names thing. At this point my guess is that it's a new character we haven't seen yet, rather than an existing character's real name (or future pseudonym), but who knows. Before I saw the close-up I was pretty sure it was Locke, but now I'm thinking that's just misdirection.

I was almost positive that after saying he saved everyone, Hurly was going to blunder into the unexploded third tent and die. I guess I'm happy he didn't, but it would have totally worked if he had.

My guess for Naomi and the boat is that they work for Penny's dad (in competition with Penny). Maybe Mr. Widmore is trying to retake the island from the Hostiles to resurrect DHARMA. But I don't know why he couldn't find the island since presumably his company is still doing the supply air-drops. Maybe Minkowski (on the freighter phone) was playing dumb as part of some ruse?

Maybe Ben thought there were "bad guys" (i.e. DHARMA) on the Oceanic crash, so he couldn't risk being honest with the survivors. Maybe the whole thing about taking children and good people (e.g. Locke) was that those were the ones they were sure were not DHARMA operatives.

So much to talk about! I agree that Heroes had a better season, but LOST had a much, much better finale.

Everything about Charlie's death was pitch-perfect, except for one thing: I don't understand why Charlie couldn't have run through the door and then closed it. I guess ultimately it's because he knew for a fact that he was going to drown in that specific room, and that if he tried to get away, he would just put Desmond at risk as well. But other than that, flawless.

"[W]hy the hell didn't the Others just talk to the Oceanic group in the first place and tell them what's what, instead of all this cloak and dagger nonsense?"

I'm gonna go with "because the Others are ruled with an iron fist by Ben, a lying, twisted, paranoid sociopath who casually gassed to death not merely his own father but virtually every person he'd met since the age of 12" on that one. Locke is the baseline for what a rational and decent person would do when burdened with whatever power/knowledge it is that Ben has. Ben's orders and actions don't have to make sense.

"Transforming the flashback to a flashforward was an unexpected twist..."

I don't think those were flash-forwards. I think they pulled a Galactica—we jumped forward a couple of years (basically to present-day—junkie-Jack's phone is a KRZR that only came out this past winter). The junkie-Jack scenes were "real time," and it was the scenes on the island that were flashbacks.

I think this is going to continue next season. The "real time" scenes will be the events in 2006 (which I expect to center around Jack "putting the band back together" to hunt for answers and return to the Island), while the flashbacks will show us what happened to various people between 2004 and 2006.

"Jeremy Bentham"

I buy the philosopher connection, but the text really looks more like Jo than Je and antham than entham. Jeremy Bentham's also a little long for the space available. I think what fits better is "John Grantham"—not that that name means anything in the story, alas.

Hey, speaking of pseudonyms, I'm sure looking forward to the explanation for why Kate isn't in, you know, prison rather than driving around in a Volvo. Maybe the "he" she refers to is her parole officer... :)

"...or Walt himself has some ability to 'be where he's not expected'."

We do know Walt has some kind of power. I don't think that was a Smokezilla phantasm, I think he's projecting himself (physically or just mentally) back from 2006, which would be a tidy explanation for why the Walt talking to Locke is clearly two years older than the Walt who left the Island less than a month ago. (If it is just Smokezilla, then the producers couldn't come up with a way to make Malcom David Kelley look two years younger and just worked with what they had.)

"But I don't know why he couldn't find the island since presumably his company is still doing the supply air-drops."

I think Widmore caused Desmond to wreck on the Island, to get him out of the way (besides, he needed someone to keep pushing the button). Naomi is from the same Widmore/DHARMA freighter that handles the food airdrops—it made one several weeks ago, then was sent back ahead of schedule a few weeks ago when the button stopped getting pushed. She dropped onto the Island to investigate. Minkowski was playing dumb, since the only people he expected to be on the Island were Naomi, Desmond and the Hostiles.

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