Payoff's a Bitch


Damn! First Heroes makes with the stellar, now Lost. This is how the show should have been all along-- pay off on one storyline (Sawyer's quest for the con man), introduce a mystery on another (Jack and Juliet's secret). Most of had already connected the dots between Locke's father and Sawyer's quarry, of course, but Josh Hollaway and Terry O'Quinn are two of the show's strongest performers, so any show focusing on them has a leg up.

I really hope that before the end of the season, they explain what the hell the Others are up to. A conclave of people-- men, women, and children-- willing to not just allow a man to be tortured and killed, but to gather around and watch it happen? That needs some 'splainin'. "You're not the man we thought you were?" You mean a cold-blooded murderer? That whole sequence made no sense to me. They went through a lot of trouble to capture Locke's father and bring him to the island so Locke could make that grand gesture, a gesture than Ben apparently didn't even want him to make. I need some Cliff's Notes.

Meanwhile, I'll take Character Actions That Make No Sense for $800, Alex. No matter how ticked off she is at Jack, there's no way Kate would blab about a possible rescue in front of Juliet, who Kate clearly neither likes nor trusts. There are dozens of ways the writers could have had Jack find out about the former Las Vegas chickadee without making Kate do something stupid.

Quibbles, really, because the show as a whole was riveting. That's what comes of actually paying off the audience instead of stringing them along.


I have a half-formulated (and possibly half-assed) theory I'm working with. What if the island provides the thing that the people on it with the most willpower want? The "magic box" is, let's say, a metaphor for the fact that what people want on the island, they get. Ben has the most willpower and focus of the Others, which makes him the leader. He essentially controls the "magic box."

But Locke is messing up the system. He's so obsessed with his father that the island is only (or mostly) paying attention to Locke's desires, and isn't providing what Ben wants, or the rest of the Others. Or maybe it's a combination of Locke and Sawyer's desires together messing up the system.

Nestor Carbonell's character tells Locke that when they realized that he was paralyzed and had been healed by the island, he must be "special." Perhaps they realized that he was someone with enough will and focus to control the island, and thus could replace Ben.

This is somewhat reminiscent of the Green Lantern's powers - his power to create what he wants is only limited by his will. And that Spanish comic book that Walt was reading in season one? Green Lantern.

As for what Jack knows that Juliet thinks they should tell Kate? No idea.

I'll also go on record as saying that I don't think anyone ever came to the island on the submarine, or at least I don't think Juliet did. I think there's another way off the island, and Ben controls it. Perhaps it's essentially a teleporter. Wish hard enough, and open the door, and on the other side is New York City. Or Jack's dad's hospital room.

I am glad that in the last episode of lost:

Things that answered questions >= things that raised questions

Enough of the mystery, before you get cancelled please tell me what the hell.

Heros rocks. Thank God for DVR - without it, I would be lost, no pun intended. I can not wait to see how the finish this season up.

Dave,If you are who I think you are, your comments are typical of you. You never could stand not knowing more than the other guy and you have always liked getting your way and getting the last word in.
But, as long as we get the answers, I guess you can be forgiven this time. Maybe.

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