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I've had a very busy three or four days-- about which, more later once I'm better rested. How busy? I'm so tired right now, I can't even bring myself to watch the Heroes finale because I want to enjoy it and not fall asleep partway through.

But I expect most of you have already seen it, so here's the place to comment. I'll follow up with my thoughts once I'm capable of having them again.

UPDATE: What a stunning disappointment.

There's a laundry list of failures for this episode, the most glaring of which is the anticlimactic final confrontation. In the alternate future episode we got a glimmer of what a fight between Peter and Sylar would look like, and it rocked. It was a tease, but we were OK with it because we knew the real show was coming in the finale. And then... fisticuffs? Really? With all the powers they've absorbed, Peter justs uses the super-strength he just picked up from Niki moments earlier, and Sylar just uses telekinesis? As viewers, we're entirely justified in feeling ripped off here. The show promised much, much more and failed to deliver. Other items on the list:

  • After all the shuffling of chess pieces the show performed to get everyone to the same place for the finale, virtually none of them needed to be there. Only Peter and Hiro, and finally Nathan, mattered. Why move everyone into place and then have them stand on the sidelines? Why didn't everyone join in the fight?
  • Why didn't Peter just fly into the stratosphere himself? Even if he didn't think of it first, once Nathan arrived he should have done it himself to prevent his brother from needlessly sacrificing his life.
  • Speaking of Nathan, WTF? Claire throwing herself out a window gave him an epiphany? He was a deus ex machina in the ancient sense of the term, literally descending from the heavens to resolve the story.
  • Parkman knew how powerful Sylar was, yet he recklessly charged into battle against him? I just don't see it.
  • D.L. gets seriously wounded and loses a lot of blood, but after brief ministrations from Mohinder he's up and walking in minutes?
  • "Save the cheerleader, save the world." Umm... how, exactly? Peter was the threat, not Sylar, and Claire played no part in the final showdown. I suppose the answer is that future-Hiro thought Sylar was the bomb, and that by preventing him from taking Claire's power Sylar would become killable. Except he apparently didn't die. The writers completely failed to explain how that catchphrase made any kind of sense.
  • What the hell was that time-travel experience / vision that Peter had, with Devoux telling him all he needs is love? What did Peter's big heart have to do with anything in the end? It was Nathan's change of heart that saved the day, after all. Again, that made no sense.
  • Hiro teleports in, announces his presence to Sylar, and then charges at him with his sword... and Sylar doesn't stop him? The man was quick enough to telekinetically stop bullets midflight, but he can't stop a charging Japanese geek, say by melting his sword? Why did they even bother spending an entire episode showing Sylar gaining the ability to melt metal with his mind if they never planned to have him use the ability? Why didn't Hiro just teleport right behind Sylar and slice off his head?
  • Ok, so Peter's gone nuclear and presumably survived. What's to stop him from going nuclear again tomorrow? How is the world any safer now? For that matter, why did he go nuclear in the first place? He seems perfectly capable of controlling all his other powers, so why not that one? I always assumed there was some external factor that would cause him to explode, but there wasn't any.
  • Niki knocks Candice unconscious, and the illusion of Niki disappears to reveal... the illusion of Candice? Based on the comments Candice made an episode or two ago, we should have seen a fat woman on the floor.
  • Nobody notices the big bad villain everyone's been hunting for weeks lurching his bleeding body across the ground towards the manhole, removing the manhole, going down, and then moving the manhole back? Sure, the pyrotechnics in the sky were impressive, but... nobody?

    I could go on. This finale failed on nearly every level. Feh.


    Tim Kring is my master now.


    Mohinder's mutant power is magical medicine. He stumbles across the shot DL and tends to him briefly. Suddenly DL is well enough to walk under his own power. say what?

    three words to save the next season- All New Cast

    MAJOR disappointment for me. Do they not have the budget necessary for a full-on Sylar/Peter smackdown?? I'm going to start sending them five bucks out of every paycheck to put in a SMACKDOWN fund. There were tons of inconsistencies too (not the least of which was that saving the cheerleader was supposed to play some role in saving the world, I assumed because it would keep Sylar from getting her regenerative powers, and yet, she wasn't necessary at all, and Sylar could regenerate without her!). All in all, major letdown. I think Hiro summed up my reaction best with his last line: #@!$!

    I like it, and several times through the show found myself saying "cool", "damned cool", or "sweet" out loud. I agree it ultimately felt a little anti-climactic. I'm not discouraged (yet), though, because clearly this is meant to be a season finale, not a series finale (thus Jason Voorheez, er, I mean Sylar slipping away after he'd been killed). Maybe eventually we'll get the smackdown we all want (the beatdown was fun, realizing Peter had Niki/Jessica's strength).

    I disagree... I loved the finale. I do think they're taking the long view of the story. Killing off Sylar during Act 1 is a bad idea... you want him as the recurrant villain. Ideally in Season 2 he'll be off licking his wounds and begin establishing a power base (Legion of Doom!) and only operate from the shadows like an ever-present threat, letting some other villain or a puppet villain take the mainstage for an act. THEN come back in season 3+ as an overt threat.

    As for the "save the cheerleader, save the world" thing, I don't think we've seen the true meaning of that yet. We saw Nathan's imperfect view of that: saving the cheerleader meant she was around to convince him to do the right thing and get all blowed up.

    Next season (Volume 2: Generations) I think we get serious insight into the backstory of the world, seeing the ancestors of all the heroes we now know, while advancing the "now" plot to a lesser degree.

    Remember at the very beginning of the pilot they gave us the note "bear with us, this story is going to take awhile to tell" spiele, and I think they meant it.

    I'm with Steve... Tim Kring is the master.

    I'm with ya, Meg. Boo hiss. Major disappointment. I will say this, though... it was nice to see things mostly wrapped up (as opposed to cliff hung until next season), but that whole Act Four... man, what a let down.

    End of Act Three, that aerial shot of Peter and Syler, cut to black, commercial. I was GIDDY with excitement. This was it!

    And then... and then... just a big wet noodle of a fight. The only beat that really kicked ass for me was Parkman's death, which, sadly, is probably not a death. But Parkamn�s bullets get stopped, but Niki can just run up? Hiro talking before acting? Giving Syler *plenty* of time to react..? Syler *not* reacting..? Really?

    As much as I wanted the characters to converge (they've been semi-converging the last few episodes and I've been loving it) and discover each other, there was just something downright lame-TV about seeing them all run up to the fight to essentially just watch it.

    And then Claire showing up, taking the gun, having to kill Peter. Potential great moment� but it just didn�t work. They missed that pitch. Ditto Nathan's moment. Could have been great� was just kinda so-so. And neither was helped by Peter staying in limbo-destructo mode so that dialogue could be said. No tension at all - you *knew* he wasn't gonna blow up until the writers played out ALL of their beats.

    Not that that's an inherently bad idea. But the endgame writing did not rise to the occasion for me. My throat remained unlumped.

    Ah well. I�ll still be there next year. And, of course, there�s always the Lost finale.

    Tim Kring is your master? Really? Did we watch the same episode?

    I already deleted it, but can someone look back at the shot of Sylar's whitened eyes as he was lying on the ground, and tell us if the visions we saw in them were things we'd already seen, or glimpses of the future (next season?) we haven't? I meant to go back and look at that but forgot. It was a strange moment, and I'm hoping it reveals something interesting and wasn't just a directorial artifice.

    I'm with Peter. Lame, for all of the reasons he mentioned. Lots and lots of plothammering, where people did things not because they made sense or because it was in character for them, but because they needed to be in a particular place at that point.

    And there's just no excuse for not doing a massive, 5-minute knock-down drag-out fight between Sylar and Peter. It's what the season has been heading toward, and I can only think they didn't do it because they resist doing anything they find too comic book-y.

    I just can't believe that a show that seemed so good three episodes ago could end the season so badly.

    Yes! I totally forgot about the woman who could make people see her how she wanted (Candice, apparently) but at the time I said the same thing to Kim - that when knocked out Candice should have been a fat woman. I'm still not sure why they didn't, except maybe that would have confused the audience (who had never seen her real self). That was totally lame, though. Good post.

    I just want to voice my almost complete disappointment as well and agreement on all the points.

    One question that has been plaguing me is:
    Is Jessica gone for good?

    Did any of you actually watch the full show you idiots?

    1. If the cheerleader died, Sylar would have regenerated when Hiro stabbed him.

    There's tons of others, but I'm not even going to bother.

    nah...i think you're the idiot phzi.

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