I am a philistine.

After wading knee-deep through the lavish praise being heaped upon Pedro Almodovar's Volver, that's the only conclusion I can draw. Either that, or I saw a completely different movie.

Volver is a movie in which nothing happens. Things are set up and then never paid off. The movie is all backstory and no story. It's a character study in which we're given no reason to care about the characters. It asks us to believe that grown adults, when faced with their mother who they thought had died four years earlier, would actually believe she's a ghost-- despite her physicality.

I spent much of the movie oscillating between abject confusion at the characters' behavior and impatient incredulity that none of the many promising plot threads were getting developed for a payoff.

Naturally, the gf loved it.


At least I see where you're coming from on this movie (and sorry I didn't get your message until after midnight).


I did like the film, but that's because everything I'd seen and read had me expecting magical realism, and consequently was right there with the characters believing the mother was a ghost. When the twist came I finally got to experience what I didn't get to with Sixth Sense (the twist of which I had predicted early on). For me it was like a reverse pay-off. Like seeing a gun in a play that is never fired, subverting your expectation. Or it's like having a songwriter set up an obvious rhyme, and then use an unexpected word at the last second. I enjoy that sort of thing, yet can appreciate why you don't.

Having said that, Smokin' Aces was waaaaay more fun.

I felt the same about Todo Sobre A Mi Madre. It was so confusing and crazy, but that oddly didn't make it interesting.

Interesting. I think I must see it. I've seem most of his movies. Almodovar is a good film maker. His movies are difficult to understand, often, I agree, but they're usually quite interesting. Maybe you have to understand Spanish for them to be interesting? I only own one.

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