The Amazing Hosage


I have little to say yet about the new season of Survivor, except that the whole race brouhaha is a tempest in a teapot. The real question is what happens once the tribelets merge. Since that happened in week three last time, we shouldn't have long to wait. Survivor doesn't really get interesting until a few people have been ousted, anyway.

I was ready for the Muslim pair to leave The Amazing Race after all of five minutes, but even I thought they got the shaft. Admittedly, a fairly small one-- I don't think they could have sped up their progress much, but if they knew they were under threat of elimination perhaps they would have. It'd be nice to know what the players were told about the rules of the game before the race began.

With that cat out of the bag, however, I think this could be a huge improvement to the race. If ANY point along the route-- not just pit stops-- could be an elimination point, the tension and drama amp up dramatically. I was hoping they'd really play this angle up and remove all "the last team to check in may be eliminated" language so that teams really felt like an elimination could happen at any time, but that doesn't appear to be the direction they're going. It seems like an in-route elimination will be a rare surprise rather than a systemic change, which I think is a shame.

Next season, however, I hope one of the surprises they introduce into the race will be NOT casting a stereotyped gay couple, a pair of male models or beauty queens, or a bickering couple with an abusive man.


Phil did say that 8 of the mats are elimination. That only leaves one non-mat elimination, unfortunately. But, good luck to us all! :)

We were so pissed when the Muslims got eliminated. It seemed totally unfair that they weren't told about the possibility beforehand. I understand, okay, "surprises may happen" but that seems a little too big of a deal to be a twist in the race.

Actually, I was hoping they'd stick around anyway, I thought they would be amusing.

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