The Witless Hanlons


The casting director for Treasure Hunters must have said an extra prayer of gratitude the night the "Wild" Hanlons' audition tape arrived. In all the seasons of Survivor, The Amazing Race, and Big Brother (and yes, I've watched them all) nobody-- and I mean nobody has been as inept, ill-suited for the game, or more guaranteed to generate good television than the Hanlons. They personified every negative stereotype of the southern hick, and like swine at a cocktail party seemed blissfully unaware of how out of their league they really were. The list of their blunders-- after only three episodes!-- is too long to list. The Browns had it exactly right-- the Hanlons wouldn't let the Browns ride on their boat, but the Hanlons then wanted to ride on the back of the Browns. Unbelievable. Their luck or their karma finally ran out tonight. I'm deeply sorry to see them go. They had less hope of winning than Walter Mondale, but they were a hoot to watch.

Does anyone else the lighthouse on that box artifact looks like a stylized Eiffel Tower? I think the teams will be going to France, and we'll be seeing the box again then.


Well... er...

I, too, have really enjoyed the Wild Hanlons... until tonight. They went from dopey to loathsome in 60 seconds. And by the end of the show, I was totally hoping they'd be eliminated.

It's one thing to marvel at their bumbling stupidity, watching them just stumble through the race with a beer and a smile. (okay, it's a metaphorical beer) But they got downright ugly tonight, and not blissfully so. Intentional bad behavior is not "a hott to watch."

Good riddance.

Their behavior was certainly unsportsmanlike and distasteful. Don't get me wrong-- there was no earthly reason for them to let the Browns go with them on their ferry. But they could have turned them down with grace instead of being jerks. And their infantile attempts to look through the Browns' legs to steal the combination only underscored how deeply out of their league they were. When your team gets their own twangy, hillbilly theme music every time they appear, that can't possibly be a good sign.

I reveled in as much schadenfreude as the next guy at their elimination, but I'm sorry we won't have them to kick around anymore.

Oh well-- on to rooting against the Fogals!

Yes! Boo hiss on those Fogals. I was so disappointed when they lucked into not being Fogeled.

And in re: ferrying the Browns... if you were the first place team, wouldn't you specifically *take* the Browns? Or the Hanlons? Wouldn't you want to give the early advantage to the team that you knew you could beat later?

thank you texas for beleaving in us

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