The Crazy Mixed-Up Zoo Game


SarrettAdams is pleased to announce the release of our latest game, The Crazy Mixed-Up Zoo Game from Simply Fun. This is a memory game for kids ages 4 and up. An array of oversized animal shapes are spread on the table or floor, and while everyone else closes their eyes, one player exchanges the positions of two of them. Everyone else opens their eyes and races to figure out which two animals have moved using their magnetic score cards. One of the things that excites us about this game is that the artwork was done by our friend and gaming group member, Damon Brown. The Crazy Mixed-Up Zoo Game is only available directly from Simply Fun or through their in-home consultants.


Congratulations, guys. Must be getting old hat by now. :)

Whoooooo! Thanks- what a sweet game to draw- the animals move and the colors change when you flip the unique shape- a very simple, fun game that works, and sometimes those are the hardest to create!

Also I can finally talk about the just released Simply Catan! With 3D pieces and a durn purty board! Ahhhhh yeah.

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