Story Power

If you've ever doubted the power of a good story, this will change your mind. A 26-year-old guy from Montreal wanted to get out of apartment life and start living in a house. But with no money and no job, his prospects were limited. All he had was one red paper clip. He decided that would be enough, and through a blog, Craig's List, and media exposure he never sought, he managed to make fourteen trades in one year and today finally parlayed that paper clip into a house in Kipling, Saskatchewan along with a key to the town. Along the way he hung out with Corbin Bernsen and rocked with Alice Cooper. And a big part of how he got good trades was that people wanted to be part of the story. Although, admittedly, the Corbin Bernsen connection was a stroke of amazingly good fortune.

And if you think that's good, you should check this out. A 21-year-old British college student managed to sell one million pixels of his home page, in blocks of 100, for a dollar a pixel. In less than a year. All because of the audacity of his idea and the power of the story.

Something for nothing-- it's the American Dream. And neither of them are even from America.

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