He Doesn't Have to Shoot You Now

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Tonight's Big Brother was quite possibly the most interesting in the show's 7-year history. That's certainly true for the veto ceremony, which is usually a big no-op snooze-fest. The ONLY player I knew I wanted to see in the All-Star season was Will, because he's a double threat-- a good player, and good television. The American public has a very short memory (or else everyone who watched the first couple of seasons has moved on to greener pastures), but I was still stunned that he didn't get voted in by the audience. Thankfully the producers are more savvy, and thus we were treated to the most brilliant speech ever on the show.

Everyone recognizes that Will is a very strong player, and in all likelihood the best Big Brother player ever. And yet nobody seems to be in a big hurry to boot his pale heiny off the show. Frankly, I don't understand it. The floaters might think that he and Mike are necessary to combat season 6, but what are the season sixers thinking? Mike and Will are an unbreakable alliance. Nothing will ever drive a wedge between them. They will also be voting as a team and competing as a team. They're clearly the strongest threat, and yet season six is trying to keep them around! It makes no sense.

But Will has clearly discovered that his poop, miraculously, doesn't stink. And so he's turned up his game. He's done exactly what he said he did-- made the target on his back so big that it's invisible. By saying he hates everyone and promising to throw every challenge, he's made it seem like he really doesn't care about winning the game. He's defanged himself in his opponents' eyes. If he's going to throw the competitions, why vote him out when you can get rid of a more threatening competitor like Jase? Even better, Will's put all his cards on the table. He's told everyone his plan, he's told them he hates them, and so when he makes it to the final two he'll be able to say that he never lied to anyone. He showed them the knife-- can he help it if they placed their neck beneath it and shimmied back and forth?

The only question now is whether the other players will wake up in time to disarm him.

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Augghh! We keep yelling at the TV every time we see him. Didn't any of them *see* the season with Wil? I mean, he is using exactly the same strategy and people still seem to be falling for it.

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