Droll Hosts and the Producers Who Love Them


Last year at this time, Pat Kiernan presided over a regrettably short-lived game show called Studio 7. The show didn't take off, but the mondo-droll Kiernan definitely had the goods. So when he sold VH1 on The World Series of Pop Culture, producer Michael Davies tapped Kiernan to assume the hosting duties.

Kiernan's ultra low-key delivery grounds the show with a certain credibility perhaps unwarranted by the subject matter. It would have been easy for the show to go in the other direction, sailing over the top with wacky, zany antics, über-geeky contestants, and an absurdly enthusiastic host. Instead, the show manages to be both whimsical and dignified, celebrating pop culture without mocking the players devoted to it.

The format, while simple, works. Each of two three-player teams sends one player to the microphone to compete head-to-head in a best-of-six trivia contest. All the questions belong to the same category-- Spielberg Films, TV Spinoffs, Hip-Hop Music, etc. If a player can't answer a question, it bounces to their opponent for a steal. The player answering the most questions eliminates their opponent. The last team with uneliminated players wins the match and continues in the tournament. The last team standing takes home $250,000.


As soon as I heard about this I wondered if you were fielding a team.

I did like "Studio 7," but it was something of a fish out of water -- not enough reality elements for reality fans and not enough original game-play ideas for the hard-core game-show fan. Pat, however, did a fine job, and it is good to see him back in this element. Watching "WSoPC" has shown me how incredibly out of touch I am with the kids these days. (sigh)

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