Big Brother: Let the Game Begin

Nakomis? Really, America? Nakomis, Diane, and Erika? What, not enough personality-challenged talking heads for you on television now that Bravo's jettisoning Katie Lee Joel for next season's Top Chef? And self-centered Jase over megamaniacal Will? Take the cell phones away from the hormone-crazed teenyboppers and hand them to viewers who actually want an interesting season.

Thankfully, the producers came to the rescue, saving the nation from its own folly and throwing Danielle, Will, Mike, Marcellas, and Alison into the house where they belong. I'm glad they put George into the house as well, because Will and Mike had it exactly right-- he's a minnow among sharks, as out of his league here as the Hanlons were on Treasure Hunters. Ironically, he's such an underwhelming threat that he's likely to survive in the game for quite a while.

Unlike Danielle, who made her move far too early and overplayed her hand. She needed to recede into the background and try and disprove her reputation for evilness. To the extent that anyone in an All-Stars game can fly under the radar, that would have been her best strategy. The two biggest targets are the Season Six alliance and the unbreakable Will/Mike friendship. Like Janelle said, Danielle wasn't even on the radar-- until she opened her mouth and painted a target on her forehead. Alison just got caught in the crossfire. Fortunately for Alison, everyone wants Danielle out more. On the other hand on Big Brother, unlike Survivor, people often choose to keep the bigger threats around for a while under the theory that they'll be easy to get out later since everyone wants them gone. Which is a great plan if you're the only one using it, but if everyone's on the same page it means the big threats stick around and the small fish get fried.

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