Old Saw

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What the hell was up with last week's Smallville? I haven't even seen Saw or its sequel, but even I immediately recognized that the plot was a cheap rip-off of that movie right down to a bad guy in a goofy-looking mask. I'm guessing that the film plays it as a sadistic serial killer who forces his victims to play twisted games, and that it works in that context because the killer doesn't have some higher agenda. But on Smallville it made no sense whatsoever. The villain had his life ruined when Lionel's machinations bankrupted a company, losing his wife, house, and job. Yet he had enough resources to secure multiple flat screen monitors and a warehouse space; install industrial-grade custom gas lines, custom floors, custom doors with electronic switches, and a shatterproof glass tank; rig a floor so it could be electrified, and so forth. Riiiiiiiiight. And why does he go to all this trouble? To kill Lionel and hear him say he was sorry-- something that could have been accomplished with far less effort through the creative application of a hired goon with a pair of pliers.

I don't expect much from a superhero television show. I'll suspend disbelief and allow kryptonite to become a magical superpower-generating plot device to prevent Smallville from being a sleepy Kansas farm town. But I do like plots and character motivations to make sense. There was no excuse for this week's mess.

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Kinda like the Flatliners knockoff a few weeks back?

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