Nice Idea. Lousy Timing.

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Terry's decision to use the immunity idol as leverage to get Casaya members to flip over to the other side was brilliant. But it came a week too late. The time to leverage the idol was last week, when La Mina was 4 members strong and flipping one from Casaya would create a 5-5 tie. Offer Danielle-- or even better, Cirie-- the idol under those conditions, and perhaps they'd have taken the deal. But Danielle thinks she's in an alliance that will become the final four. She has no incentive to bail out of that. Moreover, who would you rather go to the final four with-- athletic powerhouses Austin, Terry, and Sally, or the dysfunctional nightmare that is Casaya? If it were me, I'd think I'd have a much better chance of manipulating Casaya or flat out beating them in the challenges.

But now that Terry has revealed the idol to Danielle, it was insane of him not to give it to Austin (the logical target). Once Terry decided that it was more useful to him as a tool to keep his alliance's numbers up than as a personal shield, he should have stuck with that instinct and protected Austin. Aras would have gone home, making the numbers 5-3 and putting the hidden idol back onto Exile Island. Reclaiming that idol would be the entire game plan. Granted, it's a huge gamble-- you can't blame Terry for thinking it might be safer to rely on his ability to win personal immunities to keep him in the game, holding onto the hidden idol as a failsafe. He is the biggest target, and if the horrible Break the Plates challenge gets used for immunity this season he's toast. Or maybe he gave the idol to Sally, thinking the other players would try to outmaneuver them in the "avoid the hidden idol" shell game.

I hope Terry can pull a Tom and power through on his own skills. But if he doesn't, I'd love to see Cirie win the money. Sure, she's a radar-skimmer. But she's the craftiest one we've seen in a long time, and to pull it off she'll have to make some kind of move once they're down to 5 or 6. And there's nobody in the core alliance of four-- especially not Shane or Courtney-- who would be nearly as satisfying as a winner.

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There's one point where I agree with you, and one where I don't. I think the "right answer puts a hit on someone" challenge is all kinds of bad. You're at the mercy of the opposition, and have no control over your own destiny to win. The whole game is like that, the challenges are supposed to test your personal strengths, not bootlicking ability.

Cirie is my personal last-choice to win, even more than the loathsome Shane. She stupidly crafted an alliance on the first day to get rid of Tina because she would be a threat in the after-merge...when it was still the first day. That's not smart game playing. The fact that she seems to be going under the radar isn't helping things, either.

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