Lost Scorecard

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Programs! Getchyer programs! Can't know the players without a program! Let's review the Lost backstory connections, shall we?

Shannon's father crashed into Jack's future wife's car. Shannon's father died at Jack's hospital because Jack, working on his future wife, couldn't work on him.
Locke's dad is a con artist. Could he be the one who bilked Sawyer's family?
The woman Locke did a home inspection for was Sayid's girlfriend.
Libby was in the mental hospital with Hurley.
Kate's stepfather captured Sayid during the Gulf War.
Hurley owns the box company Locke works for, and both men worked for the same person, Randy.
Locke's mother was in the same mental hospital as Hurley and Libby.
The waitress who served Sawyer and Gordy was Kate's mother.

Any others?

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Clearly we aren't paying close enough attention, or aren't following the right websites. (My wife & I were big fans of The Transmission, but that fan podcast about Lost shut down earlier this season.)

Wasn't it Kate's father that captured Sayid? I thought her stepfather was on the one in the house that she blew up.

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