Entros II?


Wired has an article about a new Spanish facility that sounds a lot like Break In, one of the games from the restaurant/game facility called Entros where I used to be a gamemaker, but on steroids. Photos here. And they're building one in Manhattan early next year. Pencil me in around Thanksgiving...


Heck Peter, take the girl to Spain!

The "Tomb" game by 5 wits didn't get stellar reviews (I'm sure Aaron's wasn't the only good-but-not-great one I've seen) so the big question is why this would be any better.

I'm prepared to believe that it has more up-to-date (and, frankly, bigger-budget) gadgets and effects making it more spectacular, based on the write-up. However, the solo player vs. team play aspect is interesting; I know that as a player, I'd much rather be on a team with my friends, though it's much harder (and much more expensive) to get a group together than it is to go alone.

I'm just not sure about replay value, as far as one can express a concern from thousands of miles away and obviously not actually having played the game at all.

(Funny thing is, you weren't the only person I saw linking to this - see here, with a mention of a couple of very vaguely similar, but much smaller-budget, games in Wisconisn. Wisconsin, of all places. David, are you reading?)

You used to be a gamemaker, but on steroids?

Obviously that's why he had to quit... it was a huge scandal at the time.

I heard that joint had some grammar police in the fifth level of the tower. You may want to bone up a little before you attempt to defeat them.

Were you one of the people behind the Typo game/installation? Just curious.

Yes, I co-designed it with the other gamemakers and I wrote the spec for the software. That game rocked-- even the staff stayed after hours to play it.

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