Throw Me the Idol!


The older women get a partial pass on voting their most capable teammate out last night on Survivor. As a group, it was a stupid choice to make. For each of them as individuals, I can't blame them. With only 4 players in the tribe to choose from, if you can put yourself in the survival troika it really doesn't matter who the odd woman out is-- the important thing is that it's not you.

I suspect we may not have seen the last of Tina, though. In an interview, Probst said that her tragic background comes into play. We certainly didn't see that last night, which makes me think we might see another ghost tribe of outcasts and Tina might get back into the game. I'm OK with that-- getting booted out of an initial 4-person tribe is a raw deal.

Meanwhile, where's that pesky immunity idol hidden? Lacking any sense of the island's geography we have no way to know. My take on Jeff's cryptic clue is that he emphasized Misty would have time to think about WHY fate chose her to stay behind and WHY [something else I forgot]-- a departure from the norm in such a situation. I'm thinking the use of "WHY" twice to emphasize it suggests the idol is hidden in a natural feature that resembles the letter Y-- a forked tree, perhaps. You heard it here first.


I was shocked shocked SHOCKED to find out that Tina lost a teenage son mere months ago. I can't even begin to imagine the emotional devastation that would follow such a disaster, but I do know that the absolute last thing on my mind would be playing a game on national TV. I'm really not trying to cast judgement, though. People cope in different ways. More than anything, my heart goes out to her.

She did unwittingly isolate herself from the group when she was mourning her son. Of course, they didn't realize what she was doing, but maybe that's what "came into play."

Re: Location of the idol. I focused on his instructions about the water, and that she could not drink it unless it was boiled. I'm guessing the idol is underwater.

I'd love it if you were right about the "Y" clue. But since I wasn't clever enough to think of that, I'm sticking with mine.

Also, I don't understand why getting voted out of a 4-person tribe is a raw deal.

With four tribes, you're twice as likely to be voted out at tribal council, *but* you're also twice as likely not to have to go to tribal council in the first place.

Or is that wrongthink?

You're correct that any given player is 50% less likely to go to tribal council. But once there, a player who is targeted early has no chance for recovery. There's nowhere to hide, nobody to lobby, no shared history to leverage. In a tribe of 8, there's some room to maneuver. With 4, if only 2 people decide to vote for you, the third will go along for the ride rather than make waves and paint the bullseye on themselves. In Tina's case, she did everything right-- worked hard, made fire, provided food, proved herself to be a valuable person to have on your side. The only thing she did wrong was have a personality that Cirie, for reasons unexplained, didn't like. Feh. Melissa or Cirie should have been voted out-- but of course they realized that and banded together to prevent it. Tina's downfall was that she viewed the game as a meritocracy rather than the political viper's nest it really is.

I'm not so keen on the four-person tribe thing, and I hope they merge sooner than later (presumably into two tribes). The voting is always less interesting when it gets down to four. Not sure what they were thinking. And if someone does find the immunity idol, there's no re-vote, the second-place vote getter goes-- which is likely to be someone with a single vote! That's gonna suck!

I have to think at least an intermediate (like, into two tribes) merger is going to happen sooner rather than later, mainly because I noticed right away that they never bothered to give the four tribes goofy names. I'm betting we go one more week of this to cull the contestants down to 14, and then will divide into two teams of 7, with new Buffs and actual names and all of the trimmings. It may even happen sooner than that....7 players on each team, with Whatshername in for a shock out on the Island.

casaya, la mina, bayoneta, and viveros.

Oh, they have! I never heard them refer to names on the show, but I also joined in about 5 minutes late, so maybe I missed it. (And I couldn't get to the website earlier today for some reason, either.)

What was tonight's clue? ...something about the idol being above tide level?
That would mean it is above 'C' level. Hmmm. See:

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