Seattle Puzzling Alert

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If you live in the Seattle area, have been intrigued by the accounts of my exploits at local and Bay area puzzle events, but have been put off by the travel costs or the time committments, I've got some great news for you. A new event format is being introduced this April 1 that's tailored just for you. Teams of four, walking only, five hours long in an area under five miles wide, and $25 per team. It's being run by some swell folks and should be a great time. Only 25 teams will be accepted, however, and those slots will probably fill very quickly-- so if you're interested, you should jump on it as soon as registration opens on February 15. Visit the SNAP site for more details.

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Any chance you'll be posting a recap of the SNAP event? Puzzle fans who didn't get to play are eager to hear how it was. :)

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