Pocket Immunity

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I don't think the players on Survivor realize yet how profoundly the existence of the personal immunity idol changes the game. By finding the idol-- and kudos for digging deeper instead of giving up after removing the stones and finding nothing obvious-- Terry now has a huge advantage. HUGE, I say. Not only can he save himself from elimination, but if he's savvy and manages to conceal his possession of the idol from everyone else he can use it to assassinate a key opponent who might otherwise be untouchable.

His teammates don't want to get rid of him, and his four-man alliance seems strong. But once the tribes merge, if I were in the game I'd be quietly lobbying to vote out EVERYONE who's ever been to Exile Island, one by one, until that immunity idol appears. It's a land mine waiting to explode in someone's face, and if I didn't know where it was, I'd be trying to flush it out. But quietly. Because it would do you no good to swing a unanimous vote against an exile with the idol if that exile cast his potentially lethal magic bullet vote against you.

Maybe the players have thought this all through already and it's just been edited out so far because it hasn't come into play. Or maybe they haven't adjusted their strategy to this twist yet. But it's going to be very interesting to hear their reactions once the full implications manifest.

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Missed the episode. Can you tell us how the clues to the immunity idol played out? And were you or Stephen close to being right?

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