The gf recently related to me an observation that she heard a comedian make some time ago, that goes something like this: if something's not funny to a woman, it will never be funny to her. If something's not funny to a man, if you repeat it a few times it becomes funny.

This, she said, explains why only men like Monty Python.

The gf likes The Princess Bride, so I'm inclined to cut her a little slack when she calls Monty Python and the Holy Grail stupid and unfunny. But the broad assertion that appreciation of Python splits down gender lines requires some further investigation. She allows that there are some women who like Python and some men who don't, but that statistically speaking it's the men who laugh and the women who just put up with it.

So. Conduct your own little survey among friends and family and report back. Monty Python: funny, or not funny?


I think it's MPatHG is funny, although I had to see it a couple times to get into it. Perhaps it's not so much a male/female thing as a degree of geekiness thing.

My wife (who has incredibly good taste (go figure how she ended up with me)) thinks MPatHG is v. funny. So that makes two of us in our family.

My wife (who has incredibly good taste (go figure how she ended up with me)) thinks MPatHG is v. funny. So that makes two of us in our family.

damn double posters

Count me in as a guy who thinks Monty Python, for the most part, is deadly dull and unfunny.

Not to cast aspersions, but it always struck me that the people who really were into MP were those who didn't have much of a "life", and were looking to form bonds with others like themselves.

But that's just my experience, your mileage may vary.

I put MP in the same category as The Simpsons. When I happen to catch them on the tube, I'll watch and chuckle. But they're not something I seek out. I've never seen an entire MP movie (even Holy Grail) and I can't quote from any of them. Well, I suppose I *could* quote from the movies after hearing so many other people quote from them. But that would be second-hand quoting and I'm not into that.

HI-larious. And my best friend (who is female) thinks so too.

My guess is that it's more a British comedy thing. Does Christine like Douglas Adams?

(If not, what in the hell are you doing with a woman who doesn't like Douglas Adams? :))

another woman who likes monty python, although i prefer life of brian to holy grail.

when i was in elementary school monty python was on after my bedtime. i used to sneak out of my room to watch it in my parents' room while they were downstairs.

fast forward to halloween 2005 when i made king arthur and black knight costumes for my kids. ah, monty python: the next generation.

What I noticed in college was that asian/not-asian cultural divide is just as big of a factor in the MP issue as gender is.

Count me among the "male and loving it" category, with "it" being Monty Python.

I second the geekiness issue comment. I posess two X chromosomes, rate fairly high on the geek scale and rank Monty Python among the best pieces of humor ever produced. Maybe it's more of a Brit humor issue?

I love Monty Python!

Female, geek - never found MP worth the time. Married to male, geek who quotes MP continously. Live next to Female, not geek - loves MP, she and my husband are planning on seeing the stage production of something MP related when it comes to the Bay Area. She is married to male, non-geek (sort of) who does not like MP. Go figure.

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