Nothing Comes Between Me and My Calvin


I already own all the Calvin and Hobbes comic strips, in the form of the sixteen collections published over the years. But if I didn't, you can bet I'd have already snagged the new Complete Calvin and Hobbes hardcover boxed set. For those of you yearning to rediscover the rules of Calvinball, Amazon's got it for $94.50, but you should really rush out to Costco where you can pick it up for just $88-- a substantial savings off the $150 cover price.

And Mr. Watterson, I would still gladly pay for a high-quality stuffed plush Hobbes to keep my plush Gromit company. I think they'd get on famously.


If you own all the books, you must know the decision not to merchandize is entirely Watterson's. Sigh, I agree with you. While I respect his decision, I would have liked it better the other way...

BTW, you know that C&H is republished daily on the web, right? I still cant go a day without it.

Also, I've come across a pretty good webcomic "inspired by" C&H. There is an imaginary friend, but dont count that against it. After all even in C&H the imaginary nature of Hobbes is not the key point. It is the interaction between the kid and the friend (and in CYS's case, the single mom) that gives it life. If you do not have too lofty expectations, it is a rather good strip, especially some of the earliest ones.


I also own all the strips in collections already, but I will probably buy this, too. How sad is that?

I should note that while the Costco deal is good (if there's one near you), the price-conscious shopper may want to wait. The same disparity in prices between Amazon (and other on-line stores, such as Overstock) and Costco was true for The Complete Far Side when it came out, and I was happy to pay $80 for it at Costco. However, Amazon eventually cut the price on it to something like $55, and I was less happy.

Like Dan I own all the paperbacks as well, but have already asked for this for Xmas. It was perfect timing really, as my oldest (3.5 yrs) was just wanting me to read C&H to him, and now I don't have to worry about leaving the paperbacks in his room to be damaged as I'll have my personal archive safely stored.

I also just bought Absolute Watchmen...but I don't think he's ready for that yet.

It's worse than that as I actually have all of C&H in hardcover that was previously available that way, except the exhibit catalogue, which was too much trouble to get that way. However, one book (Snow Goons) was never available in hardcover, and having the 3-volume set appeals to me more than having 8 or so books of disparate sizes.

And curse you, Lou, for mentioning Absolute Watchmen, which I hadn't heard of until now. I really should not be tempted to buy this since I own the bloody Graphitti edition...

One thing I really enjoyed reading in the old C&H books is the author's commentaries (forewords?) in which he explains things such as why there are no Hobbes plush dolls. I do wish his decisions on this question were different, though. Anyway, does anyone know if the new collection is just strictly the strips, or include old and/or new commentaries?

BTW, you guys probably already know this but just in case: C&H is still republished on the web every day, and I still cant live without it.

Also, I found a webcomic "inspired by" C&H which is pretty good. Of course you cannot expect it to be as good as C&H, but it a very nice webcomic featuring an imaginative kid, an imaginary friend, and her imaginative mom. The earlier strips were particularly good.

oops, sorry for the almost-identical double posting...

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