To the Mystery Machine!


The U.S. Treasury just sent me a check for $39.02. A pleasant surprise, but also a mysterious one. No letter accompanied the check, and the note field reads only "TORT CLAIM 2004102265550\". So, super-sleuths, can you shed any light on this mystery?

Update: Mystery solved. Got a letter in the mail today from TSA, informing me that this is the settlement of my claim against them for lost property due to their negligence when my flashlight got stolen from a bag I was forced to check. Eight months later-- and many months after Alaska ponied up their own reimbursement-- the government finally came through. When Alaska paid me, I figured they'd talked with TSA and decided it was their fault, but apparently they never spoke to each other. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you your government at work. You may now proceed to divest yourselves of all your screwdrivers and flashlights, while bringing your pens, keys, and heavy laptops onto the plane with you.


A tort claim is a claim against NASA or its employees for damage to or loss of property or personal injury or death. Such claims may be brought only for damage, injury, or death arising out of the activities of NASA.

That makes no sense.

It makes no sense, because you are wrong. A tort claim can be against be ANYBODY: person, company, etc. for a wrongful act, injury, or damage.

Do you really think they invented a legal term specific to NASA? :)

At to where this money come from..? Obviously some Civil Action went down and you're getting your share. Did you ever fill out any of those online "join our lawsuit" things? Maybe against PayPal? Or eBay? Maybe someone sued Entros? Or Millionaire?

Unless you have some secret NASA job we don't know about :)

I'm guessing you've already googled 'Tort Claim'. Here's something I found:

Ohhhhh, Tort Claim 2004102265550.

That was the lawsuit filed against PAPA CHUBBY, an internet company specializing in unusual sex toys and services. Apparently they were some fly by night company that ripped alot of people off.

Good to see you got your money back.

I'll bet it has something to do with someone suing Microsoft on your behalf. That's the only time I've ever had anything like this happen to me (at IBM). Although, they did explain to me what they were doing when they sent me a check. Bizarre.

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