Not Even Wensleydale?


Forget Sith. Forget the Chocolate Factory. This is my most-anticipated film of the year.


But the THEME! Where's the Wallace & Gromit THEME!

Sith? Chocolate Factory? What about them Duke boys?!!!

the dukes were smart enough to keep the theme.

I've got tickets to this Wednesday's midnight screening of Star Wars III. I'm only going because my wife's cousin (does that make him my cousin?) had extra tickets. I'm not especially versed in the Star Wars mythology. On that note, is anyone thinking the same thing I'm thinking -- that the first two movies (I and II) only existed so that part III could? Isn't that all that anyone really wants to see -- how Anakin one day woke up on the wrong side of the Force?

The movie I'm really waiting for is Feast. If anyone's been watching Bravo's latest installments of Project Greenlight, they'll know the story of first time director, John Gulager, and how he overcame hell, highwater (and a bad case of shyness) to create a very cool looking horror film. According to the show, it's due to debut in December on at least 1000 screens.

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