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asdor.jpgWell, knock me over with a fleur. I just learned that Time's Up, a game I developed about 5 years ago, just won the French As D'or (Golden Ace) award for best game of the year (it's eligible because the French edition was first published this year). Now, given that the award is announced in Cannes, you might expect I got flown to attend a lavish red carpet gala with fine foods, tuxedos and sequined gowns. If you're more down to earth, you might think I was notified via an excited transatlantic phone call from the French publisher, or perhaps an equally gushing call from my American publisher.


I found out via a little pop-up from my RSS aggregator, courtesy of Rick Thornquist and Gamefest. Welcome to the glamorous world of board games.

I'm embarrassed to admit that I have no idea how the As D'or gets awarded, or what the criteria are. Is it a jury, a magazine editorial board, a popular vote? I dunno. Nor do I know what kind of significance it has, although I'm sure it's nothing like the Spiel des Jahres in Germany.

I am relieved to note, however, that it has quite the spiffy logo, indicating they're at least a big enough deal to hire a professional designer to craft their public image.

Frankly, *I* would have voted for Puerto Rico. But thanks-- er, merci-- to everyone who didn't.


FYI, this a jury of 10 persons (professionals) who gave the award.

Grats! Love the game.

... and last year winner was Ticket To Ride (Les Aventuriers du Rail in french).


Congrats. You're the Jerry Lewis of game designers!


You certainly could make this an excuse to visit Cannes next year. I once saw a brochure from their annual games festival and it did look very good. Not sure whether the games festival has anything to do with the award, but you'd've thought so. If it does, hassle your publisher to sponsor a tournament and go along as a special guest!

Your next challenge: you have a year to learn French...

Sid Sackson's FOCUS won game of the year in Poland once, and he found out about it in similar fashion.

So, you're in good (nay, great!) company.

French people piss me off.

Nice Lady! WHOA!

Urgh. Whatever you run your commenting on cuts out nonsensical HTML tags. Obviously the first one was supposed to have a [Cartman] and the second a [Jerry Lewis]. How annoying. :)


I'm curious - for the foreign editions, does someone at the local publisher go through the names and make substitutions?

The really surprising thing is that not only did Time's Up win the Jeu de l'Annee, but as of Sunday, it is also the new EU constitution! Congratulations, Peter!

LOL Dug!

Yeah, Peter, I would have voted for Puerto Rico too! :-) But Time's Up is a great game and you did a great job with the name selection, so I'd say the honor is well deserved. Congratulations!

Thanks for all the kudos. To answer Dan's question, I had nothing to do with the revision of the game for the French market. I assume that the French team took the original list of names, eliminated any they felt were too American, and replaced them with names we'd think are too French. Fortunately for them, I made a point of avoiding pop-culture-of-the-moment names in the basic set, so they shouldn't have had to replace much. I'd be curious to know how many names changed.

Hi I'm cedrick from Repos Production,
We've made the development of the european version of Time's Up!, here are some answers to the name selection :

We started a new list, we selected more than 1000 characters very popular from all domains (sport / history / artist / movies / music / tv...) then we made people voting unsing a small software (vote from 0 "i don't know" until 5 "I know the character and what he did"). Then we took the best known characters.

This list was the basic one, then french editor asmod´┐Że remove / change some names (around 100 I guess) to had more french characters.
In Belgium we took this previous list, removing around 200 french character to include 200 popular characters from Belgium which is not easy for a so small contry...

Then France and Belgium whom are speaking the same language get different version of Time's Up!
each one is really localized to the place it's played.

That's all, and once again, congratulation to Peter for this marvellous game !

cedrick c|: )

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